Cameron Freight Transfer Co Building Kit


Packed with detail, this kit is a great addition to our hybrid craftsman series of kits. Perfect for any rail siding and just begging to be adorned with trailers, figures and a fence to create an amazing diorama on your layout!




The Cameron Freight Transfer Company Building is the perfect addition to any siding! This building is designed to load and unload freight from rail cars and transfer freight to truck and trailers for local deliveries. This kit features some exciting new enhancements including recessed bricked up window inserts, double hung windows, raised window lintels and sills, rooftop air conditioning unit with ducting, corrugated steel roofing (over truck dock structure) and a complete dock interior for both the rail dock as well as the truck dock. The kit also features concrete stair cases for the front office door and the rear dock exit. The truck dock features engraved dock plates and separate roll up doors. Also included are graphics for Cameron Freight Transfer Company, Office and Cameron Cartage. The concrete dock areas can be removed to detail separately with the included freight crates.

Kit includes:
*Corrugated metal roof (actually made of plastic!!)
*Peel N Stick doors and double hung windows
*Raised window lintels and sills
*Recessed brick inserts for windows
*Rooftop details including a roof vent, air conditioning unit and A/C plenum
*Two detailed, removable concrete docks (with forklift ramp)

Click here for Instruction Manual: CFTH MANUAL